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Vastu Shastra is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature Namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space .
Amit Lamba Vastu Consultant and Vastu Shastra Expert Based in Mumbai
Amit Lamba Offers Personalized Vastu Shastra Visit and does Analysis of Vastu Doshas for your home office factory etc and Provides Specific Vastu Shastra Solutions and guidance .
Amit Lamba also Offers Online Vastu Shastra Consultancy for Clients around India or around the world .A Vastu Expert Helps to balance them in order to Provide A Positive Environment for Health and Wealth and Success of the Persons Living or working in that Place .

Understanding Vastu Shastra

The Sanskrit word vastu means a house / office or Any piece of Land. The underlying meaning is to live, stay, abide. The term shastra may broadly be translated as a science or learning.

The Science of Vastu Shastra can be used for Every Possible Property like Home, Office, Factory, Shop, Hospital, Restaurant, Cineman House, Hotels, Clubs etc every room, every house, every temple, town planning, cities Vastu can be used for micro as well as for macro level. Vastu is Very essential in Today's Competitive World.

Vastushastra is an ancient building science of construction to construct any building, Home or Office and as well as Designing the Interiors. Vastushastra is based on various natural elements like Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space.

Vastu forms the basics of each construction and It's Advisable to follow Vastu from the Basic lever of Choosing a Plor or Property to Designing Every Room Kitchen Bedroom etc based on the Rules of vastu.

A home or an Apartment is a collection of Rooms with Fixed Doors windows and Bathrooms. An Architect is a person whose job is to Design the house but Its is the Job of a Vastu Expert to Enhance the Energies of the house with the Knowledge of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra helps us to make use of the 5 Elements of Nature and to exerts positive energy in our lives which will further help us to stay healthy and successful lives.


The Puja Room Temple Mandir of the House is the room where the Family Members Do the Pooja and the family’s deities or Mandir is kept and used exclusively for prayer, worship and meditation. The Best Placement f the Mandir or Pooja Room is the North East .

In earlier times, a well-designed Room was exclusively reserved for this purpose and was usually near the Entrance of the House . However, today with Less space availability, the Puja Room has become a tiny space, sometimes just a small mandir placed in the Kitchen.

Here, I have explained the Vastu Tips for Mandir Puja room.

  • The Puja room should be in the North-East, East , the Reason for This is That Early Morning , the sun rises from the EAST But Close to the North-Eastern part , These hours are ideal for Yoga, meditation, prayer or study as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning Sun’s rays have a very beneficial effect on our health. Therefore, the North-East corner is the best position for the Puja Room/prayer room or meditation room.

  • Avoid Puja Mandir in the Bedrooms: The Scientific Reason- Many people may feel uncomfortable to lie around with their feet pointing towards the religious idols, as they believe it is disrespectful to god.
  • Avoid a Toilet near or above the Puja Room: The Scientific Reason- A Toilet causes disturbance when people use it and also the smell can distract while one is meditating.
  • Avoid broken idols or torn pictures: The Scientific Reason- Praying to a broken idol or torn image of a deity can be distracting.
  • Avoid photographs of dead people , Ancestors in the Puja room: The Logic- While many people believe in showing respect to the dead, it is better not to have their photos in the Puja room as they may be distracting or bring back painful memories.
  • Colors in the Puja room: Can be white, light yellow or light blue. White or light yellow marble work in the room is preferred. The Scientific Reason- White marble shines and reflects light, thus enhancing the bright and well-lit look of a space. The same is true in case of light colours.
  • The lamp should always be in front of the idol: The Scientific Reason- The idea of having a lamp is to light it and if it is placed in front of the idols, one can see them better.

Amit Lamba Vastu Shastra Expert Based in Mumbai (Bombay) has over the past 18 years of Practice of Vastu Shastra has been a columnist for Various Magazines and Newspapers and has Authored more than a Thousand articles on the Topic of Vastu Shastra and Astro Numerology in Various Leading news Papers, Magazines in Mumbai.

Advantages of Vastu Shastra

1) Good health & Comfort - Ensure healthy, happy and positive vibes for yourself and your family Thus Providing Good Health to the Inhabitants. Proper Use of Vastu eliminates negative Vibes and enhancing positive energies around us.

2) Positive Relations - Proper Vastu In the House or Office Enhances relationship with other people and Among Family Members.

3) Wealth and Career Growth - Proper Use of Vastu in Home help you make a positive Change in your career, Helps to Achieve success without obstructions, By Placing Cash Locker in the Right Place as Per Vastu One Finds Financial Stability. Keeping the North-East portion Clean and open Helps in Financial Stability.

Why Do we need Vastu Shastra?

Vastu considered the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and ether and strives to maintain equilibrium as these elements.

Utilization of such energies gives us peace, and prosperity in our Lives. Vastu Shastra is a part of treasured Vedas and originates in the Yajur Veda under the section Stapatya Vidy.

Also there is a mention of Vastu in the Ramayan that the entire city of Ayodhaya was designed by Manu a leading architect in those times based on the principles of VASTU SHASTRA.

References of VASTU SHASTRA are found even the Buddhist literature where people were advised to consider Vastu in construction of Houses.

The Chinese also follow Feng Shui for Construction or Designing a Home or office. Feng Shui is the study of qi / chi – energies in our environment, Feng Shui is very much similar to our Vastu Shastra.

Also from the above it is very much clear that VASTU SHASTRA is universal. It is not confined to any particular group of people or religion and is beneficial in the development of all human being irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.

Mr Amit Lamba - Vastu Expert offers Complete Vastu Shastra Consultancy Guidance and Remedies for Homes, Offices, Factories, Restaurants, Building projects etc in Mumbai, Pune Nasik and all Over INDIA.

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Many rules of vastu shastra are Basic as they relate to Circulation of Air, Sunlight in the House, and Other Natural Requirements in the House

A Life of a Persons Depends on 2 Things One is KARMA and Second is VASTU. In any Place if the vastu is Not Good and the person is Hard Working and Karma is Good, then results obtained can be Medium BUT if the vastu of the Place is good and Hard Work and Karma is Little Less then the Bad Effects of Life can be Reduced by Good Vastu Enviroment.

According to Vastu Sastra, the world comprises of five basic elements known as the pancha maha bhoota in Vastu . In the Entire Solar System our planet Earth has life because of the presence and balance of these five elements of Nature. The five elements of Nature as per Vastu are as follows. earth, fire, water, sky and space.
Vastu is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature.
Fire Element - Fire (Agni) is considered as a Third most important element in Vastu Shastra. Fire Represents light and heat these in turn account for day and night and the Various seasons, Fire also Represents energy. Fire or Agni is element of the south-east Section of the House. The Fire Element is also Present in the Human body in the form of our Digestive System.
Water Element - Water is the second foremost element considered in Vastu Shastra. Water Element is present on earth in the form of ocean, sea and rivers. The Presence of Life on the Planet earth is only Possible with the Help of water. Water is an element of north-east Side of the Home. The Water Element is also Present in the Human body in the form of Blood.

Air Element - Air (vayu) is a absolutely necessary all living things on earth. In Vastu air is another important element. Air consists of various gases on earth like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide etc. A balanced percentage of different gases in the atmosphere is very important for living beings on this earth. The AIR Element is also Present in the Human body in the form of our Breathing System.

Earth Element - The foremost element of nature. The Planet Earth is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions. Planet Earth also has a magnetic field and strong gravitational force. Thus this earth Elements has a very Important effect on everything that is on Planet Earth. The Earth Element is also Present in the Human body in the form of Bones.

Space or Space Element - The Sky or Space or Akasha Tatva provides shelter to all the above elements of nature. The Center of the House is accorded to Space Element.

As per the Science of Vastu Shastra, there is an invisible and constant relation between all the five elements of Nature. Thus by Understanding them and applying the simple Rules of Vastu Shastra helps us improve our conditions. Vaastu Sastra combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the person and the material.

  1. Avoid Dark Colors Like Dark Buue or Black.
  2. Avoid Thorny Plants at Home.
  3. Avoid Over Head Beams Especially above Bed.
  4. Avoid Clutter in the House, Especially Corners.
  5. Avoid Mirrors Opposite the Bed in the Bedroom.
  6. Avoid Temple in the Bedroom if Possible.
  7. Do Not Eat on the Bed of the Bedroom.

Few Important Vastu Tips for the North Direction

In Vastu Shastra , The north direction is considered very auspicious. This direction is attributed to the water elements. Flowing water / Water Fountain / Planets in Water / Fish Tank in this direction gives prosperity. According to the principles of vaastu a house should face north or a shop facing north will attract wealth. In general this direction brings prosperity and progress .

Lord Kubera the Lord of Wealth and Riches is the Deity of North Direction . North Direction is Governed by Planet Mercury and The Favorable Color of this Direction is GREEN .

  • Kitchen in the North Direction may lead to quarrels in the house. A bathroom also Here will Lead to Quarrels among the People Living in the House .
  • Garbage and Storage Here Should Always be avoided. Any Kind of Junk Stuff or Garbage Here Leads to Financial Instability.
  • If The Floor Level of the North of Any House is Lowest Part of the House , This Leads to Financial Prosperity for People Livig in the House .
  • Swimming Pool / Underground Water Tank and is Best Recommended in this Area for Enhanced Positive Energy flow in the House.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen .

Having a Kitchen build as per Proper Vastu is Very important as Proper Kitchen Means Good Food and good food is every individuals requirements and any house which prepares good and delicious food keeps the family together.

Good Food is very vital for growth and prosperity as it is said that “ THOSE WHO EAT HEALTHY , THINK AND WORK HEALTHY”

Kitchen is a place where a lady spends her maximum time so it should have comfortable and fresh feeling. GOOD KITCHEN is the symbol of good health and prosperity. With so much significance attached to our Kitchen we must make sure that our Kitchen is de-cluttered and organized in a proper Manner as per Vastu.

Proper Vastu is when ideally the 3 major elements, sink / washing area, refrigerator and cooking range, are conveniently located .

  • The best location for the kitchen as Per Vastu Shastra is the South-East corner of the Kitchen.

  • When the entrance of the house is from East or South, then the kitchen may be shifted to the North-West corner of the house.
  • In the layout of the kitchen, following rules should be followed:
  • As Per Vastu Shastra The cooking platform should be towards Eastern sidewall of the kitchen, as good results can be achieved when one faces East while cooking.The sink or Water should be in the North-East corner of the kitchen. The slope of the water flow should be from South-West towards North-East.

  • The Geyser should be installed either in the South-East corner or the South wall.
  • The electronic gadgets should be placed on the Southern or South East Side of the Kitchen.
  • The storage for all the food grains, utensils, the overhead almirah should always be on the Southern and the Western walls and not on the Northern and the Eastern walls